2by2 (wheels and/or people) in Venice

Last weekend, I joined a photo group led by Chris Foley of The Ambulant Photographer. Seven of us made our way from Santa Monica to the Venice Pier, seeing what we could find on a very pleasant afternoon.

I had in-mind the idea to photograph “wheels”, but as you’ll see, I snuck in some other types of pictures as well.

My first opportunity was a couple (watch for this theme!) struggling with a tandem bike. I’ve had experience with these and they can be a bit tricky when you first get started.

These two wobbled for a minute or two before getting comfortable

The Scourge of the Scooter

Electric scooters are everywhere these days. They are really handy and fun. I used one to park on-street near Venice and then scooted over to Santa Monica – where parking is difficult and expensive – to meet the group to start the walk. Many many locals hate the scooters. Riders just drop them on the sidewalk, blocking the path, or they don’t stick to the lanes. It’s a mixed blessing, and maybe with a bit more regulation, some type of grudging acceptance will be possible.

Tandem riding is against the rules, but you see it a lot.

Venice Beach = Muscle Beach

In the location of the original Muscle Beach, there is a lot of action that takes strength – yes – but is more about balance, coordination and acrobatics. There are many groups of people practicing acrobatic performance art and just having fun in the sun.

He was balanced like that for a good 30 seconds. (Yes, there are wheels in this picture – but I know I’m cheating)

No-man’s Land

There’s a long stretch of the boardwalk that seems to go on forever that doesn’t have a ton of visual interest. At least, that’s a first impression that’s easy to fall into. But I think we found a few shots of wheels (and some wheel-like things).

Next on my list to try
No desire to try (He is well protected, though)
Why was the disc outside the cover??? Was he blocking the sun or blocking me from taking a picture of his face? So many unanswered questions.
I liked the look of this lonely bike

Getting to Venice

Once you get to the Venice side of the boardwalk, there is a plethora of art, graffiti, musical performance, hawkers, t-shirt shops and just a wide assortment of SoCal flora and fauna.

I’m not sure he’s an art-lover, but his shadow has stopped to smell the flower
LAFD was rolling slowly down the boardwalk. This firefighter was looking pensive

Beautiful sunset stroll past some colorful graffiti
Denizens of the skate-park often have a unique fashion-sense

As the sun set over the Pacific, we concluded our walk from Santa Monica to Venice. Wheels of all types were everywhere and people – alone, in couples or in groups – enjoyed the environment and the soaked up the scene.

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